“Eliminate TB Deaths in India through awareness, notification & case finding within our lifetime”

Each day nearly 1,000 die from tuberculosis (TB) in India, even though we have the methods for detecting, treating and stopping the spread of TB. The burden of TB is high in Madhya Pradesh. For example, in the district of Indore with a population of 3 million there are 25,000 symptomatic cases of TB of which about 4,500 cases are put on treatment. Additional cases are under treatment by private physicians.

In 2010, CETI initiated innovative projects for TB elimination. CETI has teamed with Rotary International, Lions International, Doctors, Government Officials and other local NGOs to work for selected interventions using quality improvement processes which will lead to TB elimination and control.

Our First Goal “To make Indore first TB Free city in India”

Our Key Interventions to Eliminate TB

TB Helpline
Media Engagement
Strengthening NGOs
Quality Improvement Programs
TB Training Sessions
TB Notification by Doctors
TB Awareness and Health Checkup Camps
TB Awareness Activities in Rural Areas
Consultant Services

Latest Activities

Upcoming events

    TB Quiz to create awareness among children

    TB Quiz help children identify the early  signs  of TB  such as  cough  for  greater than two weeks, weight loss and fever.
    Thousands of students have already taken this test.

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